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  • Breathe

    A brief meditation on a trip from a beautiful place in Oklahoma. The memory of that place, Quartz Mountain, stayed with me as I traveled back home.


    Oct 15

  • Haridwar Time

    Haridwar is an ancient city in India. The River Ganges, after flowing for 253 kilometers (157 miles) from its source, enters the Plains of North India for the first time at Haridwar, which gave the city its ancient name, Gangadwára. Haridwar is regarded as one of the seven holiest places to Hindus.


    Jun 15

  • Singapore Time

    Late January and early February was a blur of teaching classes in Singapore. Embracing that feeling, I made a video to try to convey the energetic experience of my eighteen days there.


    Mar 15

  • Waterfire Promotion Video

    In a promotional video that I made for WaterFire Providence, you can hear from the volunteers what a powerful experience they have volunteering!


    Feb 15

  • Video software that works for me

    Digital imaging software programs, like the cameras I use, solve a given set of problems. Nothing more, nothing less. Lightroom, for example, is one of many options for software to turn RAW files from my camera into TFF or JPGs for my paying clients to use. In video, there are similarly a myriad of choices. The choices I use to edit my video/ sound and to make my time-lapse animations don’t make me taller, smarter or sexier. They solve my problem most efficiently and inexpensively.


    Apr 14

  • Day Dreams

    In the dead of the winter in New England, repeatedly watching the play of light and shadow in the the room where I live and work prompted me to make this video.


    Jan 14

  • Approach 6L-24R

    In late December of 2013, I spent a few hours watching planes land at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport.) During the three hours, I made a series of time-lapse animations, which I then made into this short, thirty second video.


    Dec 13

  • California day and night

    In October of 2013, I was working in California and I made this brief (but fun) time-lapse animation of the night sky as it transitioned into a daylight sky.


    Oct 13

  • Four minute travelogue to Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

    In August of 2012, I traveled across the Indian state of Gujarat. As I went I gathered video clips, which I made into this short, four minute travelogue. Click to find out about my next photo workshop in India!


    Sep 13

  • Three minute travelogue across Northern India

    In March of 2013, I traveled across Northern India leading a photo workshop. As I went I gathered video clips, which I made into this short, three minute travelogue. Click to find out about my next photo workshop in India!


    Aug 13

  • The Agra of Southern India

    Here is a short video taking you with me as I explore Bijapur, India, a place that is often referred to as the Agra of Southern India, because of the important architectural heritage of this under-appreciated Indian city.


    Jun 13

  • Artfully road testing the Olympus Tough TG-2 camera

    While I was experimenting with the Olympus Tough TG-2 I went a bit overboard in trying to see just how far I have moved past my previous concern in terms of “fearing for the camera’s safety.” What happened was I dreamed up the idea of videos made from weird angles via a rig I would make, putting the camera near the ground to show what it feels like to be riding my motorcycle, a Suzuki C-50, an 800cc Cruiser. In the end it all worked out fine but in between, I definitely had a few of those “do not try this at home” moments.


    May 13

  • New Bollywood Satirized work from Annu Palakunnathu Matthew

    Annu Palakunnathu Matthew (my wife) has created new work in her series Bollywood Satirized, work that she describes as “…a critical commentary on the societal expectations that I experienced as a woman growing up in India.” The work is going up outside, on the walls in Bangalore, India, to riff on the Bollywood posters she is satirizing. This video shows the process of displaying work that was made recently in response to the horrific Delhi rape.


    Feb 13

  • Ten views, one sunrise, Bangalore, India

    For a recent sunrise in Bangalore, India, I used ONE camera (with an intervalometer) which took one picture every eight seconds and then the camera made ten different versions of that same image using the built in art-filters. These creative image processing options (or art filters) alter the image to look like a line drawing or to mimic cross processing, pin hole, diorama, etc. In the final video, I show you the unaltered sunrise and then I use about six seconds from each of the ten different versions of the time lapse piece, all showing different parts of the same sunrise. I play them sequentially in the finished the video which goes through all ten video filters during the video.


    Nov 12

  • The motor-less fishermen of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

    Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan sits at the intersection of three volcanoes and is sacred to the indigenous people who depend on the lake. Life on the lake moves at a different pace, which is what I am exploring in this podcast as I show the practices of the motor-less fishermen of Lake Atitlan.


    Sep 12

  • Google Plus Hangout with Jay Kinghorn

    I recently chatted with fellow Olympus Visionary photographer Jay Kinghorn for a Google + hangout where we discussed our experiences with the new Olympus OMD EM-5 camera as well as the challenges of transitioning from still to multimedia photography. We also discussed the gear we use, where we find inspiration for our work and where we are going next with our multimedia work.  It was a great conversation which I hope you will find as interesting as I found it.


    Jul 12

  • Benvenuti Al Vecchio Convento

    This video takes you to Al Vecchio Convento, an amazing Italian hotel and wonderful restaurant situated in the medieval village of Portico di Romagna high-up in the Apennine hills on road connecting Ravenna with Florence, between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. See more at:


    Jul 12

  • Learning to podcast the easy way or the hard way

    An email came to me awhile back that was succinct and to the point. I filed it away in the pile where I keep things that I need to “think about it for a while before blogging about them.” It got me thinking about how I had moved from complete ignorance to a level of accomplishment in one area of modern communication in a short period of time. The teacher in me kicked in and I started wondering if I could really take someone else down the path that I took from beginner to practitioner. I am not 100% sure I can, but this is my best effort.


    Mar 12

  • A carnival of interpretations

    A carnival, like so much of life, is interpreted and experienced differently by each person. Building on that idea, I used audio, video and time lapse animation to interpret and re-interpret my own experience of a carnival in Warwick, Rhode Island.


    Feb 12

  • What I like about…

    I spent an afternoon talking with people at a minor league baseball game in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, asking them what they liked about minor league baseball and this is what they said…


    Oct 11

  • Highway, time

    To share my reaction to afternoon traffic in Providence, Rhode Island I made this brief podcast.


    Aug 11

  • Wall, time

    In Jerusalem, I was intrigued by the motion of the Orthodox Jews praying at the Western Wall, the holiest shrine in the Jewish faith, so I made this podcast, exploring their movement.


    Jun 11

  • Hanoi, time

    In Hanoi, Vietnam, my attention was captured by the small things I saw (and photographed) as well as by the energy of the city in the background, so I made this podcast, exploring both of those experiences.


    May 11

  • Skimming, silence

    In Trang An, Vietnam (in Ninh Binh Province) I enjoyed an amazingly peaceful rowboat ride. I took my camera along with me, so I could share the experience.


    Feb 11

  • Morning, rush

    One morning, as I rushed to meet my class in Singapore, I took my camera along with me for the ride.


    Jan 11

  • Ox, pulling

    In this podcast, I take you into an ox pulling competition at the Union Fair in Union, Maine.


    Sep 10

  • The thinking and tools behind “Carnival, time”

    In this podcast, I explain my thinking and the tools that I used in making the podcast (time-lapse image animation) that I call Carnival, time.


    Sep 10

  • Akka

    The word “Akka” rings through the halls of the Parikrma schools in Bangalore, India. It pours out of the mouths of Indian school kids as it is directed at their female teachers.


    Aug 10

  • Carnival, time

    This podcast takes you to see a beautiful twilight, amidst the neon lights of the carnival rides at the Union County Fair in Union, Maine.


    Jun 10

  • An open imagination

    This podcast takes you with me on a brief journey of imagination and discovery.


    Jun 10

  • Technology as artistic opportunity and aesthetic hurdle

    My wife, who is a photographer, has been producing some compelling animations / videos based on multi-generational portraits of Indian women. In the process of making the work, she went through a series of hurdles, just like any creative person would. She first struggled through the process of conceptualizing and defining the project. Once she knew what she wanted to do, she then applied for and had good luck getting a grant to fund the initial photographing and the post-production of the work. Over time the project evolved. She has recently completed the creation of the finished pieces. The work uses some of the latest digital technology to raise some interesting questions about time, memory and photographs. In the process of making the work, it seems she got a little too far in front of the existing technology. So much so that one of our current projects is to figure out what existing technology can be used to present her work in the exact way that she wants it be experienced.


    Dec 09

  • Mountain, time

    This photography podcast uses audio, images and animation to take the viewer to the mountains of Guatemala.


    Sep 09

  • … in Bangalore traffic

    This podcast portrays the chaotic nature of road traffic in Bangalore, India


    May 09

  • Basics of capturing images for a time-lapse animation project

    This enhanced podcast introduces the viewer to the basics of capturing images for a time-lapse animation project, in this case while photographing a flower market in Bangalore, India.


    May 09

  • Call center workers in Bangalore, India

    This podcast explores the experience of call center workers in Bangalore, India


    Apr 09

  • An “Auto” view of India

    This enhanced podcast takes the viewer on a visual journey through India while riding on an auto rickshaw, a traditional mode of transportation.


    Dec 08

  • Guatemalan Bus Station

    This photography podcast uses images and audio to take the viewer on an informative, visual journey into part of life in Guatemala.


    Oct 08

  • A market moment

    This video photography podcast, “a market moment,” is an animation of a series of images at an Indian flower market.


    Sep 08