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  • Breathe

    A brief meditation on a trip from a beautiful place in Oklahoma. The memory of that place, Quartz Mountain, stayed with me as I traveled back home.


    Oct 15

  • Benvenuti Al Vecchio Convento

    This video takes you to Al Vecchio Convento, an amazing Italian hotel and wonderful restaurant situated in the medieval village of Portico di Romagna high-up in the Apennine hills on road connecting Ravenna with Florence, between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. See more at:


    Jul 12

  • Sculpted Photographs – The art of Abigail Gumbiner

    A long-time friend is an artist whose latest work is at the intersection of her two passions, photography and sculpture. To introduce others to her work, I made this profile video.


    Nov 11

  • Hanoi, time

    In Hanoi, Vietnam, my attention was captured by the small things I saw (and photographed) as well as by the energy of the city in the background, so I made this podcast, exploring both of those experiences.


    May 11

  • Defining my own place in photography

    It is mid-September, which for me means the beginning of my working year. During the summer that just ended, like most recent summers, I certainly worked hard, but I also relaxed a good bit. So, now I am starting my busiest season of September to June. That is when I travel the most for work, teach most of my workshops, give most of my presentations, make most of my stock photos and do most of my assignments. I have been planning out the next nine months or so for the last year and a half. I am aware that in this age of last minute planning, this much advance planning seems counter-intuitive. But for me, such long-term planning allows me to get as close as possible to achieving most, if not all of my goals. Defining those goals has been a long process, as has been learning to manage my time in order to achieve them. That long (and continuing) journey is the subject of this week’s blog entry.


    Sep 10

  • An open imagination

    This podcast takes you with me on a brief journey of imagination and discovery.


    Jun 10

  • Reflecting on Vietnam

    This podcast takes you on a very short and personal trip to Vietnam.


    Feb 10