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  • Hanuman Jayanti

    People in Bangalore, Karnataka, India seize the moment as they celebrate the birthday of Hanuman (the Hindu monkey god) by lighting 100,000 clay oil lamps in the heart of the city.


    Dec 15

  • Day Dreams

    In the dead of the winter in New England, repeatedly watching the play of light and shadow in the the room where I live and work prompted me to make this video.


    Jan 14

  • Lighting Workshop with Victor Rodriguez, Jr.

    In November of 2013, I took part in a lighting Workshop with Olympus Trailblazer, portrait and fashion photographer Victor Rodriguez, Jr., at the ArtsQuest Center at SteelStacks in Bethlehem, PA. During the three hour workshop, I gathered video clips, which I then made into this short, three minute video.


    Nov 13

  • California day and night

    In October of 2013, I was working in California and I made this brief (but fun) time-lapse animation of the night sky as it transitioned into a daylight sky.


    Oct 13

  • Three Things Every Photographer Needs to Know About Electronic Flash

    Someone recently asked for a “super basic lesson on flash” in, as they said, “one or two steps.”  When I say flash, I mean supplementary light that is being used when documenting people, places or things as they are presented to you. I am NOT talking about studio work, where you can control the light and the subject. I am talking about when the photographer has to react to the subject and the light as they are given.


    Oct 13

  • The Agra of Southern India

    Here is a short video taking you with me as I explore Bijapur, India, a place that is often referred to as the Agra of Southern India, because of the important architectural heritage of this under-appreciated Indian city.


    Jun 13

  • Connoisseur of Light in Singapore

    I am just back from Singapore, having spent three weeks there on my annual visit, teaching and photographing. Every year, I teach a couple sections of my favorite class, Light, Shadow Night and Twilight. And every year, at least half the class starts out complaining about how there is no dramatic light in Singapore. Because Singapore is almost on the equator and has pretty high humidity, there is no question the light certainly is different. This year, I paid a lot of attention to that light and especially to how I dealt with its peculiarities, for another in my blog entry in my Connoisseur of Light series.


    Mar 13

  • Connoisseur of Light in Kathmandu

    I am winding up nine interesting days in Nepal, primarily in the Kathmandu valley, where I have had the pleasure of watching the light as it changes throughout each day. As I have blogged before, I like to think of myself as something of a connoisseur of light. Like a wine connoisseur, I am going to try to review the light that I encountered in Kathmandu. As much as I might like to steal some lines from the classic reviews of wines, I will avoid phrases like “fresh yet dense, exhibiting notes of, with a finish of, showing hints of” and “with lingering notes.”


    Dec 12

  • Connoisseur of Light (Part 1)

    Every discussion about photography sooner or later includes the maxim about the fundamental importance of light. In my favorite workshop, the one I call Light, Shadow, Night and Twilight, students learn how I see and utilize the found light (as vs. controlled or studio light.) In the process of promoting that same workshop, I have repeatedly been called a master of light and shadow. While I appreciate the complement, having just spent a week in Finland, I am thinking I would prefer to maybe call myself a connoisseur of light.


    Jun 12

  • An introduction to histograms

    Understanding histograms is the key to getting a good exposure in digital photography. In this podcast, I walk you through the basics of the histogram. I show images of histograms (and scenes I have photographed.) Understanding histograms is the key to mastering exposure, which is at the heart of good photography.


    Jan 12

  • Ode to sunlight

    I had one of those “aha” moments recently. Like so many of those, the actual moment was mere confirmation of something I already knew, but had never (or rarely) articulated. The more I reflect on it, the more I appreciate the insight I just had. Also, the more I ponder what I realized, the more I understand that even at the ripe “old” age of 53, I still have plenty of things left to learn and understand.


    Jan 11

  • What is it about middle gray?

    I am teaching a series of workshops in Singapore. I had an “aha” moment during one of my recent classes. Purely by accident, I did what a good teacher is supposed to do. I took something that I knew well and I reconfigured that same information into a new format. The new approach made it so people who did not know the information could easily comprehend it. The expressions of “oh” and “aha” from my students showed me that I was on to something pretty useful for most photographers.


    Dec 10

  • The thinking and tools behind “Carnival, time”

    In this podcast, I explain my thinking and the tools that I used in making the podcast (time-lapse image animation) that I call Carnival, time.


    Sep 10

  • Flash Photography Using Remote (Off Camera) Flash Units

    This podcast explores using an off-camera or remote flash unit to get a quality of light that is not possible with the built-in flash units.


    Jun 10

  • Carnival, time

    This podcast takes you to see a beautiful twilight, amidst the neon lights of the carnival rides at the Union County Fair in Union, Maine.


    Jun 10

  • Black and white vs Color (part three)

    This is the final of three blog posts exploring the question of using color vs black and white in photography. To date, I have shared work that was intentionally made in color and later converted to black and white for comparison purposes. I also shared work that was made in color, but was intended to be experienced in black and white. After sharing those two sets of work I also wrote about factors to consider when choosing between the various media. In this last entry, I will offer some other, last thoughts on the two media. These points, and in fact all three blog entries apply to both looking at existing work and to making new work.


    May 10

  • The sweet spot for dramatic shadows

    This podcast shows you how to find the ‘sweet spot’ for making dramatic shadows in your photographs.


    Mar 10

  • Indian odds and ends

    My time in Calcutta, India, has ended and I am now in Bengaluru, (formerly Bangalore,) with my wife’s family. Considering how bad the weather is in the U.S. right now, I am particularly pleased to be here where it is warm and dry, working in familiar territory. This trip to India has been a bit of a whirlwind, with five-day stops in both Chennai (formerly Madras) and Kolkatta (formerly Calcutta.) Now I am starting a longer stay in Bengaluru. All this moving about has left me with bits and pieces of things to think about, which will make up this blog entry.


    Dec 09

  • A photographic collaboration ten years in the making

    Ten years ago, I became part of a collaborative project photographing an exquisite old building in Tucson, Arizona. For me, photographing the building was the easy part. All I had to do was draw on the skills I often use in my previous “light studies,” my ongoing series of photo essays on the light and atmosphere of different places. The hard part was collaborating with two other photographers, while keeping my eye on the long-term prize, the finished project. It took a long time but the effort is near coming to fruition.


    Nov 09

  • Seeing the light and capturing the shadows

    This podcast goes on location with me as I photograph the play of light and shadow early in the morning at the Tucson rodeo.


    Oct 09

  • The early photo-essays of David H. Wells

    This podcast explores the evolution of my photo-essays, including many of my grant-funded projects, including my work on the pesticide poisoning of farm-workers in California, the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, fishermen in Gloucester , MA as well as the communities of South Asian immigrants in America


    Mar 09

  • The background of the “light studies” of David H. Wells

    This podcast explores the evolution of my “light studies,” which are photo-essays on the light and atmosphere of a given place. The first “light study,” on a train station in Philadelphia has since led me to do these projects across the globe.


    Feb 09

  • The latest in electronic flash in my camera bag

    As promised, this blog entry will not include any writing about my “philosophy.” For the moment, I have happily returned to talking about cameras and photographing. In this post I am going to highlight the other new and important piece of gear in my camera bag.


    Feb 09

  • Using light, angle and the time of day in making silhouettes

    This podcast explores using light, angle and the time of day in making silhouettes.


    Feb 09

  • How I learned to critique photographs

    I was reviewing another photographer’s work recently. Left and right, I was tossing off suggestions for improving the images. Though I was thinking intensely about the work, I was largely unaware of my own process, as I critiqued the work. When she asked me how I had learned to critique images so fluidly, I was stopped in my tracks.


    Jan 09

  • Importance of timing when photographing at twilight

    This photography podcast explores the importance of timing when photographing at twilight.


    Oct 08

  • Guatemalan Bus Station

    This photography podcast uses images and audio to take the viewer on an informative, visual journey into part of life in Guatemala.


    Oct 08

  • My favorite photography book

    One of my favorite photography books of all time is a remarkably simple book called On Being A Photographer.


    Sep 08

  • The Wells Point

    The podcast, “The Wells Point,” gives you an important tool that will change the way you photograph.


    Sep 08