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  • My particular choices for video gear

    I am on my way to mastering video as a way of visually telling stories. A student asked about the gear I have chosen to use during that evolution. That question prompted the following answers, which became another blog entry. Keep in mind that MY answers to these questions are unique to my process. Every videographer / photographer solves their problems differently.  With that in mind….


    Jul 16

  • Hanuman Jayanti

    People in Bangalore, Karnataka, India seize the moment as they celebrate the birthday of Hanuman (the Hindu monkey god) by lighting 100,000 clay oil lamps in the heart of the city.


    Dec 15

  • Breathe

    A brief meditation on a trip from a beautiful place in Oklahoma. The memory of that place, Quartz Mountain, stayed with me as I traveled back home.


    Oct 15

  • Haridwar Time

    Haridwar is an ancient city in India. The River Ganges, after flowing for 253 kilometers (157 miles) from its source, enters the Plains of North India for the first time at Haridwar, which gave the city its ancient name, Gangadwára. Haridwar is regarded as one of the seven holiest places to Hindus.


    Jun 15

  • Singapore Time

    Late January and early February was a blur of teaching classes in Singapore. Embracing that feeling, I made a video to try to convey the energetic experience of my eighteen days there.


    Mar 15

  • Waterfire Promotion Video

    In a promotional video that I made for WaterFire Providence, you can hear from the volunteers what a powerful experience they have volunteering!


    Feb 15

  • Thoughts on pricing video projects

    Regular readers know that I am making a big push into video work. I find video an interesting way to tell stories, I like the fact that multiple senses are used in that story-telling, and of course, the publication photography business is moving that direction. I have had very positive reaction to my video “Cafe,’” which shows a locally owned and operated coffee place. One such response was music to my ears and lead me to write this blog entry.


    May 14

  • Video Hardware That Works For Me

    I recently blogged about the software that I use when making my narrative videos. Here, I will be talking about the hardware, the cameras, lenses, microphones, recorders, tripods, etc., that I use. My technology choices (whether hardware or software) are very specific to my process, my workflow and my budget. The gear I use solves my unique set of problems and nothing more. Every person making videos should ask themselves, does the gear I have (or the gear I am considering) solve my problems?


    Apr 14

  • Day Dreams

    In the dead of the winter in New England, repeatedly watching the play of light and shadow in the the room where I live and work prompted me to make this video.


    Jan 14

  • California day and night

    In October of 2013, I was working in California and I made this brief (but fun) time-lapse animation of the night sky as it transitioned into a daylight sky.


    Oct 13

  • Four minute travelogue to Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

    In August of 2012, I traveled across the Indian state of Gujarat. As I went I gathered video clips, which I made into this short, four minute travelogue. Click to find out about my next photo workshop in India!


    Sep 13

  • Three minute travelogue across Northern India

    In March of 2013, I traveled across Northern India leading a photo workshop. As I went I gathered video clips, which I made into this short, three minute travelogue. Click to find out about my next photo workshop in India!


    Aug 13

  • The Agra of Southern India

    Here is a short video taking you with me as I explore Bijapur, India, a place that is often referred to as the Agra of Southern India, because of the important architectural heritage of this under-appreciated Indian city.


    Jun 13

  • The motor-less fishermen of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

    Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan sits at the intersection of three volcanoes and is sacred to the indigenous people who depend on the lake. Life on the lake moves at a different pace, which is what I am exploring in this podcast as I show the practices of the motor-less fishermen of Lake Atitlan.


    Sep 12

  • Ho Chi Minh City Motor Cycles

    The moment you arrive in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam (formerly Sai Gon,) you see that the city is over run with motorcycles. I made this podcast to try to recreate the feeling of being amidst and around the estimated 3 million motorcycles in H.C.M.C. (According to Vietnam.NET in 2008.)


    Dec 11

  • What I like about…

    I spent an afternoon talking with people at a minor league baseball game in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, asking them what they liked about minor league baseball and this is what they said…


    Oct 11

  • Highway, time

    To share my reaction to afternoon traffic in Providence, Rhode Island I made this brief podcast.


    Aug 11

  • Italian, time

    During a recent trip to Italy, I was captivated by many things from the food, to the culture, to the landscape. I was also struck by the pace of the trip itself, which was a mix of frenetic periods interspersed with calm days. With that in mind, I made this podcast, exploring my complete experience.


    Jul 11

  • Wall, time

    In Jerusalem, I was intrigued by the motion of the Orthodox Jews praying at the Western Wall, the holiest shrine in the Jewish faith, so I made this podcast, exploring their movement.


    Jun 11

  • Motion pictures vs stills

    Like most people, I enjoy motion pictures (or movies.) Although I took a few classes in college on film history and film theory, I do not really know much about the media, other than what I like. Having said that, I have long had one eye on the movie business for a few reasons. First, there is a lot more money and acclaim for filmmakers as compared to still photographers. Secondly, I knew the explosion in digital imaging was going to inevitably change the movie industry, just like it changed the still image business. Recent events set me to thinking about all of this change and prompted me to try to hammer out a blog entry about movies vs. stills, from my purely personal perspective.


    Jun 11

  • Hanoi, time

    In Hanoi, Vietnam, my attention was captured by the small things I saw (and photographed) as well as by the energy of the city in the background, so I made this podcast, exploring both of those experiences.


    May 11

  • Guajarati Wedding Band

    In Ahmedabad, India (in Gujarat state) I encountered a loud and noisy wedding band, which prompted me to make a video of it to share my experience.


    Mar 11

  • Skimming, silence

    In Trang An, Vietnam (in Ninh Binh Province) I enjoyed an amazingly peaceful rowboat ride. I took my camera along with me, so I could share the experience.


    Feb 11

  • Morning, rush

    One morning, as I rushed to meet my class in Singapore, I took my camera along with me for the ride.


    Jan 11

  • Exercising Inspiration

    In this podcast, I share a multi-media piece that I made in India. Then I explore the inspiration that motivated me to make that piece.


    Aug 10

  • Akka

    The word “Akka” rings through the halls of the Parikrma schools in Bangalore, India. It pours out of the mouths of Indian school kids as it is directed at their female teachers.


    Aug 10

  • More Summertime Snippets

    By relocating to Asia for much of the summer, we are undertaking something new to us. Some of the work I am doing here is specific to being here, whether researching an upcoming assignment in India or teaching a class in Singapore. Much of my time is spent on work that I could do anywhere, whether blogging or creating new podcasts. Since my life here is more slow-paced than back “home,” I have been enjoying the opportunity to ponder a few ideas that have been piling up in my “blogs-to-be” folder.


    Jul 10

  • Rolling, time

    This podcast offers the viewer a whole new perspective on an adrenaline-filled motorcycle ride through the streets of Providence, Rhode Island.


    Jul 10

  • Rodeo, time

    This podcast takes you to Tucson, Arizona, to experience the energy and activity at the annual Tucson Rodeo.


    Mar 10

  • Using the best tripod, which is a table-top tripod

    This podcast shows you why the the best tripod for many situations is a table-top tripod. It also explores how to use that tripod in far more ways than just on top of a table.


    Feb 10

  • Using shutter different speeds to show motion or stop action

    This podcast explores how to use low shutter speeds to show motion as compared to using high shutter speeds to stop action.


    Jan 10

  • India, journey

    This podcast takes you on a journey through India. The brief video is an adventure in sight, sound and motion.


    Jan 10

  • Moving, water

    This podcast plays with your perception of moving water.


    Nov 09

  • Mountain, time

    This photography podcast uses audio, images and animation to take the viewer to the mountains of Guatemala.


    Sep 09

  • Impact of changing your focal length during long exposures

    This podcast explains how to change the focal length of your lens, to “zoom” during long exposures, in order to get interesting effects.


    Jul 09

  • … in Bangalore traffic

    This podcast portrays the chaotic nature of road traffic in Bangalore, India


    May 09

  • Basics of capturing images for a time-lapse animation project

    This enhanced podcast introduces the viewer to the basics of capturing images for a time-lapse animation project, in this case while photographing a flower market in Bangalore, India.


    May 09

  • The use of time, shutter speed and panning in photographing action

    This podcast explores the use of time, shutter speed and panning in photographing action.  It explores the important photographic technique of panning through photographing race cars at the Seekonk, MA speedway.


    Jan 09

  • An “Auto” view of India

    This enhanced podcast takes the viewer on a visual journey through India while riding on an auto rickshaw, a traditional mode of transportation.


    Dec 08

  • A market moment

    This video photography podcast, “a market moment,” is an animation of a series of images at an Indian flower market.


    Sep 08