Inside the travelling camera bag of one photographer- me! (a video)

This podcast goes inside my traveling camera bag to show you all the gear I carry when I am traveling


This podcast shows what I carry when I am travelling to a location to photograph and it explores why I carry what I do. In my experience. the brand that any one photographer uses may or may not be important, but how they carry, what they carry and especially why they carry that particular gear is useful information for any photographer.

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  1. Best “what’s in my bag” overview I’ve seen. Great approach – how the gear in your bag can “solve your problem.” Great tip on carrying pics across a number of smaller cards. Having lost 5 of 7 days of pics on a vacation this summer by putting all my pics on a single 4gb card which corrupted, your advice rings true. Many other great tips in this podcast, too. Well worth watching.

  2. Very interesting podcast David. I cannot believe you carry so much things while traveling. BTW, thanks a lot for an in depth coverage of the various gears and essentials while you are on a shoot. I think this was very helpful. Please keep it coming.

  3. David,

    Many great points there; one thing to add about battery chargers. You noted that you have backup chargers; also important is to remember to pack at least one charger for the cameras with the camera itself in your carry-on. I once made the mistake of packing both chargers in my checked luggage on a trip to Bulgaria. The luggage was delayed several days after my arrival and I was shooting sans charger. Thankfully I had several fully charged large batteries for the camera I was using and (just) made it through those days.

    Some notes on packing light for a series of documentary trips here.

  4. David, The Pitzer Hat (provida futuri) is a nice touch. Do you have a photo of you wearing the pouch(es) on your belt as you’re equipped when walking around on location?

  5. Great tutorial and discussion of what you carry. Some questions and thoughts:

    you might check out this bounce card, which is made of a soft material, so it will fold flatter and which has its own adjustable velcro strap which precludes you having to fasten velcro to the flash head itself (which i object to doing)

  6. I’m also a big fan of these “sticky” flash gels which, again, don’t require any attaching of Velcro to your flash head. In addition, each color gel is spectrographically measured and correct for its assigned purpose. The “stickyfilters” come in sets of 2 each in 5 colors: .5 Tungsten Bulb, Cool Fluorescent, Warm Fluorescent, Unknown Fluorescent. (not all fluorescents shooting situations are equal). I actually have an older set that came with 2 different filters for tungsten as well. The cool thing is the vendor will replace them for free when they lose their “stickiness”

  7. last question. do you have a list of all these contents? I’m kind of old and slow playing and replaying the clip, to write down a list, gets tedious really quickly 😉

  8. As for: how many shot raw images can you hold on a single 1GB flash card using your choice of camera(s)

    One camera I use writes each file exactly the same size, so I get about 60 images per 1 GB card. The other camera varies the size of the RAW files, so for that camera, each card can hold up to 110 images. With the latter each shoot fills the cards up differently.

  9. As for: Do you have a photo of you wearing the pouch(es) on your belt as you’re equipped when walking around on location?

    No, but that will be a podcast in the next year, thank you for the idea!

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